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El Derecho de Vivir en Paz Músicxs De Chile, Francisca Valenzuela, Cami, Gepe 03:47
Vuelvo Para Vivir Illapu 04:26
Estudio para Charango Illapu 03:29
Baila Caporal Illapu 04:51
Cacharpaya del pasiri Illapu 02:59
Si Te Marchas, No Hay Manera Santaferia, Illapu 03:40
Lejos Del Amor Illapu 03:59
Morena Esperanza en vivo Illapu, Santaferia 04:24
Arrurru La Faena Illapu 03:38
Escribo por ejemplo Illapu 04:39

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Illapu are a folk act drawing on the traditions of Chilean and Andean music.

The group came together in the northern Chilean town of Antofagasta in 1971, formed by brothers José Miguel, Jaime, Andrés and Roberto Márquez Bugueño and Osvaldo Torres with a name that means 'flash of lightning'. After playing locally for a year the group moved to Chile's capital, Santiago, where they recorded their first album, 'Música Andina' (1972), and started attracting attention at a national level.

In 1973 they took to the stage at the well-regarded Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar for the first time, incorporating elements of the Nueva Canción Chilena style into their performance and drawing critical praise.

Over the next few years they built on this success, releasing albums including 'Raza Brava' (1977); 'Grito de la raza' (1979) and 'Theatre de la Ville' (1980). In 1981, however, their fortunes on their home soil turned and after being accused of raising support against General Pinochet's government the group were forced into exile, spending seven years touring internationally and living in Mexico and France.

In 1988, however, the political climate had changed and Illapu returned home. They have been a fixture of Chilean folk music ever since, gaining particular success with the seven-times platinum single 'En Estos Días' in 1993.