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Com Você Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 05:21
Perverso Império Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 03:04
Love God Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 03:59
Avante Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 03:45
Erga-se Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 03:22
Almighty Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 03:08
Venham Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 05:17
Erga-se DUB Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 03:17
Rainha Omega Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 04:31
Our Foundation Danzi, Jahfreeka Soul 03:55

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An incomparable talent that stands out for its expressive and well-articulated writing ability, packed by a strong and extremely pleasant voice, Danzi is a name that represents Reggae Music in an impeccable and responsible way. Life has always been her main source of inspiration. And writing has always been present in the days of this brilliant, militant and introspective composer, but it was around 2009 that she started her first creations in the Reggae atmosphere, from the understanding and immersion in the Rastafarian experience and its tools. Years later, crossing her path with those of the excellent musicians of her band, Jahfreeka Soul, they created this musical communion and a perfect atmosphere to give rise to what she calls “an organic musical experience of content, melodies and harmonies to heal, strengthen and encourage your audience! ”. Subscribe to DANZI JAH MUSIC On YouTube Now!