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Monday Morning Faith SEU Worship, Chelsea Plank 06:56
Altar (Live) SEU Worship 06:19
Pieces SEU Worship, Dan Rivera, KB 04:17
Born to Run SEU Worship 03:40
Higher Than Mine SEU Worship 03:05
We Say Yes SEU Worship, Sydney James, Dylan Dames 04:21
Fire In My Bones SEU Worship 03:23
Deep Dive SEU Worship, Sydney James 04:52
Monday Morning Faith SEU Worship, Chelsea Plank 05:38
Fountain of Youth (Live) SEU Worship 03:47

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Combining synth-pop and alt-rock influences with the spiritually-minded lyrics of modern worship music, SEU Worship formed in 2010 in Lakeland, Florida. The band was launched at Southeastern University, the same Christian college once attended by worship artists like rapper KJ-52, songwriter Seth Ready, and Group 1 Crew's Jose "Manwell" Rayes. Featuring a lineup of students, staff, teachers, and alumni from the university, SEU Worship began writing original songs inspired by the lessons taught during weekly chapel services. A live album, No Other Name, marked the band's full-length debut in 2013, followed by So All The World Will Know in 2014, Faith To Believe: Live At The House Of Blues in 2015, and For This Purpose in 2016. SEU Worship also released the group's first Spanish-language album, Con Propósito, in 2016, followed one year later by SEU Worship Hola. Focusing once again on English-language releases, the group maintained a prolific pace throughout the late 2010s and early 2020s with albums like Heaven Life (2018), A Thousand Generations (2020), Clouds Are Clearing: Mixtape 1B (2021), and Walk With You (2022). A second album, Heart Cry, was released during the final stretch of 2022, and the group scored a Top 40 hit on the Hot Christian Songs chart in early early 2023 with the single "Monday Morning Faith."