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Love Walked In Thunder 06:25
The Only Thunder 02:03
Force of Nature Thunder 04:06
Gimme Shelter Thunder 05:20
The Western Sky Thunder 03:51
Slow Coopex, KHEMIS, Thunder 02:38
Gimme Some Lovin' Thunder 03:51
Love Walked In Thunder 06:23
Across the Nation Thunder 04:13
Make It Right Ace Tyto, Thunder 02:16

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Thunder is a hard rock band formed in London, England in 1989 by guitarist Luke Morley and vocalist Danny Bowes, following the split from their previous band, Terraplane. They were then joined by drummer Gary James, bassist Mark ‘Snake’ Luckhurst (replaced by Mikael Höglund in early 1993 and Chris Child in February 1997) and guitarist and keyboardist Ben Matthews. Their debut album, Backstreet Symphony (1990), was produced by former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor. It was released in 1990 and climbed to 20th place on the British Albums chart. Released in 1992, their second album, Laughing on Judgment Day, gave the group their highest chart ranking – Number 2 - in their catalog. Their next three albums were also successful in the UK: 1995’s Behind Closed Doors reached Number 3, 1997’s The Thrill of It All climbed to Number 14, and 1999's Giving the Game Away settled in at Number 49. The group split due to business issues but returned with 2003’s Shooting at the Sun, which failed to chart. Their next three albums – The Magnificent Seventh (2005), Robert Johnson’s Tombstone (2006), and Bang! (2008) – charted in the Top 100 but failed to hit the Top 40. Thunder disbanded – again – in 2009, although they performed a one-off reunion show in 2011. That show led to several more and within a few years, the band were officially back together and released the album Wonder Days in 2015. The album was a Top 10 hit and was followed by 2017’s Rip It Up (Number 3), 2019’s Please Remain Seated (Number 8), 2021’s All the Right Noises (Number 3), and 2022’s Dopamine (Number 5). Since the band’s 1989 formation, they’ve also issued 10 compilations, nine EPs, and numerous live albums, some of which were limited edition releases.