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Jerk It Out Caesars 03:15
Jerk It Out Caesars 03:14
Spirit Caesars 04:50
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Caesars 04:17
Sort It Out Caesars 03:36
Over 'fore It Started Caesars 02:50
The Longer We Stay Together Caesars 03:29
Punkrocker Caesars 06:20
It's Not The Fall That Hurts Caesars 02:55
May the Rain Caesars 03:12

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Over 'fore It Started
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The Swedish indie rock band Caesars
came together in 1995 when lifelong friends César Vidal (lead singer) and Joakim Ahlund (lead
guitar) joined forces with David Lindqvist (bass guitar). Jens Orjeheim started
behind the drumkit but was quickly dismissed in favor of Nino Keller. Fans of
old-fashioned garage rock, the group banged out Shake It, their debut EP
in 1995, and their second EP, Rock De Puta Mireda, the next year. The addition
of a Farfisa organ to their sonic palette drove home their devotion to classic
rock sounds which they regularly combined with modern rhythms, a combination
heard on their debut LP, 1998’s Youth Is Wasted on the Young. Cherry
followed in 2000, but it was 2002’s Love for the Streets that established
them as superstars. That album’s leadoff single, “Jerk It Out” went top
ten in the UK, and even hit number 70 in the U.S. The song was used in numerous
video games and television shows, and was showcased in a TV ad for the iPod. The
song would reach charts around the world in various remix forms. Their 2005
album, Paper Tigers, hit number 40 in the UK, and 2008’s Strawberry
, a double album, maintained their star status in Sweden. After three
years without live performances or any new releases, the group announced a
hiatus in 2012.