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Birmingham Drive-By Truckers 04:59
Goddamn Lonely Love Drive-By Truckers 04:59
Where the Devil Don't Stay Drive-By Truckers 05:19
Bob Drive-By Truckers 02:15
Gravity's Gone Drive-By Truckers 03:33
Carl Perkins’ Cadillac Drive-By Truckers 05:25
I Do Believe Drive-By Truckers 03:33
The Day John Henry Died Drive-By Truckers 03:48
Lookout Mountain Drive-By Truckers 05:02
My Sweet Annette Drive-By Truckers 03:51

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Drive-By Truckers are an alternative country rock group from Athens, Georgia. Formed by friends Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley in 1996. They released their debut album Gangstability in 1998. Though the album failed to chart, they followed with Pizza Deliverance (1999) and Southern Rock Opera (2001), the latter cementing their southern rock roots. Their first charting album was 2003’s Decoration Day. The southern concept album The Dirty South was released in 2004, after which they mounted a lengthy tour. They followed up with A Blessing and a Curse (2006), which expanded their sound beyond southern rock. After Brighter Than Creation's Dark (2008), they changed record labels. They released The Big To-Do (2010) and Go-Go Boots (2011), their first albums to break the top 10 of the US Top Rock Albums Chart, with The Big To-Do achieving number 1 on the Indie Chart. After some line-up changes, they released English Oceans in 2013 followed by the live album It's Great to Be Alive (2015), recorded at the Fillmore in San Francisco in 2014. 2016’s American Band was a highly political album looking at issues within modern day America. After touring with the album in 2016-17 they returned to the studio to work on new material, the result being 2020’s The Unraveling, and later that year they dropped a surprise album, The New OK, that resulted from their inability to tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic.