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(Entre) os Pequenos Cecilia 03:48
Casa Cecilia 05:00
Simply the Best Cecilia 03:56
Dama Dama Cecilia 03:18
Dependente Cecilia 04:22
Volte a Ser Cecilia 04:19
Un Ramito de Violetas Cecilia 04:12
Princípio Cecilia 04:47
Tu y Yo Cecilia 02:44
Andar Cecilia 04:14

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Evangelina Sobredo Galanes, known mononymously as Cecilia, was a Spanish folk singer and songwriter. Born in Madrid on October 11, 1948, she embarked on her music career in the late 1960s and achieved her first success when she won a national songwriting competition at age 16. Early on, she collaborated with Nacho Sáez de Tejada and Julio Seijas in a group named Expresión. However, her solo career truly blossomed in the 1970s when she signed a contract with CBS and began using "Cecilia" as her stage name, a moniker inspired by the Simon & Garfunkel hit of the same name. Her debut self-titled album, Cecilia (1972), featured songs in both Spanish and English, with tracks such as "Dama, Dama" quickly gaining popularity. Cecilia's second album, Cecilia 2 (1973), demonstrated a more personal and intimate approach to her songwriting. In 1975, she released Un Ramito de Violetas, which became her most successful album, with its title track becoming one of her most iconic songs. The following year, she unveiled the single "Tú y Yo," another enduring fan favorite. Before her untimely death in a car accident on August 2, 1976, at the age of 27, Cecilia was making strides towards launching her career in North America. Despite her passing, her popularity continued to surge posthumously, with her work being released and remastered. In 2011, the posthumous album Cecilia Inédita en Concierto was introduced, and her first biography, Equilibrista: La Vida de Cecilia, was published, firmly establishing her legacy in Spanish music history.