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chocolate island Snail's House 03:29
Hot Milk Snail's House 04:06
Pixel Galaxy Snail's House 03:55
I Secretly Love U Snail's House 03:09
Lullaby Snail's House 03:31
Jump League of Legends, Snail's House 03:05
morph Snail's House 02:14
pot-au-feu Snail's House 04:21
Cosmo Funk Snail's House 04:48
Vivid Green Snail's House 02:34

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Keitaro Ujiie (February 23, 1997) is a Japanese artist that performs electronic music under the name Snail’s House. His work walks a delicate line between kawaii future bass and chillout, and usually features high-pitched vocal samples, upbeat melodies, and a whole host of synthesizer sounds. He began releasing music back in 2012 as Ujico*, a nickname given to him by a childhood friend. A year later, he created his own label Youth Composer Association, whose aim is to support and promote the work of young musicians. Inspired by jazz composer Hiromi Uehara, he took up the piano in 2014 and changed his stage name to Snail’s House shortly after. “Nyan Nyan Angel!,” his first release under that moniker, came out later that year and was followed by the EPs Kirara and Kawaii Collective in 2015. In the subsequent years, Keitaro Uijie continued to release music as both Ujico* and Snail’s House, including the Ordinary Songs series (2016-2018), the two-track album Snailchan Adventure (2018), Love Magic (2019), and Love Songs (2021).