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Faixas da playlist

Quake Theme Nine Inch Nails 05:09
The Call Of Ktulu (Remastered) Metallica 08:52
The Unforgiven II Apocalyptica 04:05
Cosmic Sea Death 04:24
Five Billion Dead Carnivore 03:02
EXTERØCEPTIØN Machine Head 04:45
Vampires Godsmack 03:45
Triad TOOL 06:35
Implements of Destruction Chimaira 13:30
The Jester's Dance In Flames 02:09
Wedding Nails (Remastered) Porcupine Tree 06:33
Falling Leaves God Is an Astronaut 07:57
Conduit Russian Circles 04:30
Plague Dancer Night Verses 03:33
Summer Storm Nita Strauss 04:31
The Battle of Hoth (Star Wars Metal) Galactic Empire 03:44
Set Guitars to Kill And So I Watch You From Afar 05:29
Playing God Polyphia 03:25
Dead Between the Walls Pelican 05:06
Sì-XIV Dvne 06:22
Beings of Light Alcest 06:11
Primal [State of Being] Lustmord, The Ocean 10:49
Lowered (Instrumental) Greg Puciato, Reba Meyers 04:11
Luminescent Bridge Blood Incantation 09:39
Celestial Resonance Fallujah 06:59
Orion Metallica 08:27
Into The Lungs Of Hell (Remastered 2004) Megadeth 03:22
Erotomania Dream Theater 06:44
Phat Mackerel The Omnific 02:29
Caloris Basin Psygnosis 08:43

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