Superman: Best of

Although it's John Williams's theme that dominates, the Superman film franchise has had a series of composers across its many movies, including Alexander Courage, John Ottman, Ken Thorne & Hans Zimmer

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Theme from Superman (Concert Version) John Williams 04:24
Main Title March John Williams 04:15
Look to the Stars Hans Zimmer 02:58
The Planet Krypton John Williams 06:40
How Could You Leave Us John Ottman 05:47
Lois and Clark John Williams 00:50
Tornado Hans Zimmer 02:53
Prelude and Main Title March John Williams 05:29
Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis) Ken Thorne 05:28
Goodbye My Son Hans Zimmer 02:01
Lex Luthor's Lair John Williams 02:33
Superman Returns - Main Titles John Ottman 03:47
Finale and End Title March John Williams 05:42
Saving the World John Ottman 03:10
This Is Clark Kent Hans Zimmer 03:47
Reprise / Fly Away John Ottman 04:15
What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World? Hans Zimmer 05:27
Love Theme from Superman John Williams 05:05
The Struggle Within - Final Victory John Williams, Ken Thorne 04:20