Lofi Girl - beats to relax/study to

Uma sequência de batidas músicas relaxantes para te fazer companhia nos estudos.

Faixas da playlist

Render Your Heart BluntOne 03:39
Go Time C4C 02:34
Spring Rain BVG 02:54
road home Fnonose, Morningtime 02:19
Cailín Kokoro 03:33
Habituals Sleepermane, Dontcry 02:02
An Unknown Journey Tabal 02:22
Midnight Romance Lesky, Beyond Moments, NO SPIRIT 03:07
Blossom So.Lo, Goson 02:05
Poolside Aylior, Sebastian Kamae 02:22
Inner Peace Bcalm, Banks 02:22
outer space J'San, Epektase 02:32
Thinking of You Oatmello 02:21
Beauty In All Forms Hoogway 02:10
clouds pillow Fnonose, Morningtime 02:31
Illusions of Depth Project AER 02:22
Palm Winters Kinissue, Umiar 02:03
Fever Dreams Sleepermane, Dontcry 02:10
Distant Shimmers Bcalm, Mondo Loops, Banks 02:17
Fig Trees Juniorodeo, Blue Wednesday 02:43
Northern Lights Tibeauthetraveler 02:25
Heart of the Sea Charlee Nguyen, Mondo Loops 02:22
It's Alright To Feel Afraid Tender spring, Blurred Figures 02:32
Afloat Pointy Features, Kanisan, Softy 02:22
Coral Iamalex, Juniorodeo 01:10
cool winds Kudo 02:34
Last Breath Squeeda, Theo Aabel, Ambulo 00:34
Summer Kisses Yestalgia 02:40
message in a bottle Chief. 02:02
Force of Nature So.Lo, Goson 02:13