Study Lofi Sleep Repeat

Lo-Fi beats and relaxing sounds to help you study. Press play and let the music take over!

Faixas da playlist

Smells OFFICESPACE, Artsounds Chill 02:00
Ravin' YellowStraps 02:48
Seventhys Raaji 02:21
Streetlight Glow Huez 01:31
Amour Pantone 02:50
Carefree Dryhope, Gustav Gustav 02:56
Past Midnight Pandrezz, Ødyssee, Florent Garcia 02:44
Dreams Nuages 05:32
Ricochet (feat. R.O) Faded Colors, R.o 01:36
Waterfall Polaroid memories 02:21
You Need Subriser 03:17
Forever Nowë 02:45
Crystal Clear Luminous 03:46
Sad Mood Slooow 01:34
The Office (feat. R.O) Faded Colors, R.o 02:57
Changes Layers 02:20
Smoke Luminous 01:46
A Trip to Nowhere Xiss 01:53
Dangerous Game Faded Colors 02:53
Absent Boy (feat. Layers) Faded Colors, Layers 01:52
Aste Layers 02:22
Questions Polaroid memories 02:04
Obsessed Layers 02:56
Pink Everything (feat. R.O) Luminous, R.o 01:32
Liptwister Layers, R.0 02:34
Underlying Warm. 01:58
Melancholy Slooow 03:56
Sonhos Fábio Bittencourt 02:20
Blue Day FaOut, Mug Groove 02:08
m i s t Eevee 01:58