Initial D | openings, endings & insert songs

Openings, endings & insert songs from anime Initial D • 頭文字〈イニシャル〉D | More anime songs on

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Around the World M.o.v.e 05:12
Space Boy (2020) Dave Rodgers 04:43
Remember me Leslie Parrish 02:38
Dance around the world Delta Queens 06:03
Running in the 90's Max Coveri 02:26
Heartbeat (Extended mix) Nathalie 05:05
Save Me (Extended) Leslie Parrish 05:38
Burning Up For You Sara 05:24
Dancing (Extended mix) Vicky Vale 05:26
Dancing Queen King Of Banana 04:11
Don't stand so close Dr. Love 05:27
Move Forward Action Over Drive 02:35
Love is in Danger (Extended) Priscilla 05:16
Stay (feat. Victoria Monét) T.I., Victoria Monét 03:49
Night of Fire (Extended mix) Niko 05:18
Beat Of The Rising Sun (2020) Dave Rodgers 04:19
Take Me Higher Move Ya! 03:15
Blazin' Beat M.o.v.e 05:12
Mikado (Extended Version) Dave MC Loud 06:03
You Don't Sophie Phillis 04:12
Gimme the Night (Extended Version) Dave MC Loud 04:58
Deja Vu (1:04 Mix) Dave Rodgers 04:33
Gamble Rumble M.o.v.e 04:29
Crazy Night (Extended mix) Boys Band 06:25
Crazy for Love (Extended Version) Dusty 04:43
Max Power (Extended mix) Dr. Love, D.Essex 04:58
Streets of Fire (Extended Version) Dave MC Loud 04:53
Doctor Love (Extended) Kevin Johnson, Cherry, Cherry, Kevin Johnson 06:01
Emotional Fire Denise 05:38
Golden Age Max Coveri 05:49