100% Paramore

From 'Hard Times' to 'This is Why', this is the best from Paramore.

Faixas da playlist

Hard Times Paramore 03:02
Running Out Of Time Paramore 03:12
Burning Down the House Paramore 03:38
Misery Business Paramore 03:31
C’est Comme Ça Paramore 02:29
This Is Why Paramore 03:27
Decode (Twilight Soundtrack Version) Paramore 04:21
The News Paramore 03:07
The Only Exception Paramore 04:27
Ain't It Fun Paramore 04:56
Still into You Paramore 03:36
Ignorance Paramore 03:38
That's What You Get Paramore 03:40
crushcrushcrush Paramore 03:09
Brick by Boring Brick Paramore 04:13
Monster (Transformers Soundtrack Version) Paramore 03:20
Pressure Paramore 03:05
Playing God Paramore 03:02
Told You So Paramore 03:08
Rose-Colored Boy Paramore 03:32
Fake Happy Paramore 03:55
Careful Paramore 03:50
Now Paramore 04:10
I Caught Myself (Twilight Soundtrack Version) Paramore 03:55
Emergency Paramore 04:00
When It Rains Paramore 03:35
All I Wanted Paramore 03:45
Hallelujah Paramore 03:23
Caught in the Middle Paramore 03:34
For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Paramore 03:48