100% Volbeat

They're from Denmark, they mix rock & metal like no one, they are Volbeat!

Faixas da playlist

Shotgun Blues Volbeat 04:27
A Warrior's Call Volbeat 04:23
The Devil's Bleeding Crown Volbeat 03:58
Becoming Volbeat 04:13
Fallen Volbeat 05:00
For Evigt Volbeat, Johan Olsen 04:43
Wait A Minute My Girl Volbeat 02:20
Still Counting


Volbeat 04:21
Black Rose Volbeat 03:57
Temple Of Ekur Volbeat 04:19
Lola Montez Volbeat 04:27
Heaven Nor Hell Volbeat 05:22
Cape Of Our Hero Volbeat 03:49
Seal The Deal Volbeat 04:09
Leviathan Volbeat 04:35
The Devil Rages On Volbeat 05:10
The Hangman's Body Count Volbeat 05:15
Last Day Under The Sun Volbeat 04:47
Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood Volbeat 03:08
Die To Live Volbeat, Neil Fallon 03:02
Let It Burn Volbeat 03:39
Pelvis On Fire


Volbeat 03:05
Maybellene I Hofteholder Volbeat 03:20
Lonesome Rider Volbeat, Sarah Blackwood 04:04
Mary Ann's Place Volbeat 03:41
The Everlasting Volbeat 05:50
Thanks Volbeat 03:42
I Only Wanna Be With You Volbeat 02:44
Rebound Volbeat 02:29
7 Shots Volbeat 04:43