O.C.: Um Estranho no Paraíso

Faixas da playlist

Fortress Pinback 04:10
On The Table A.C. Newman 03:57
To Be Alone With You Sufjan Stevens 02:44
Play Flunk 04:04
Scarecrow Beck 04:16
The View


Modest Mouse 04:11
Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights Aqueduct 03:53
Fix You Coldplay 04:55
Eve, The Apple Of My Eye Bell X1 05:33
Champagne Supernova Matt pond PA 07:12
Paint The Silence South 05:53
Just a Loser Paolo Picca 06:11
Honey And The Moon Joseph Arthur 04:43
The Way We Get By Spoon 02:40
Move On Jet 04:20
How Good It Can Be The 88 03:51
Caught By The River Doves 05:54
Rain City Turin Brakes 04:06
We Used To Be Friends The Dandy Warhols 03:19
Dice Finley Quaye, William Orbit 04:15
Orange Sky Alexi Murdoch 06:19
Float On (Bonus Track) Goldspot 02:37
I Turn My Camera On Rock Kills Kid 03:41
Saturday Morning Eels 02:53
A Lack of Color Death Cab for Cutie 03:35


Interpol 06:39
Little House of Savages The Walkmen 03:12
So Sweet Johnathan Rice 03:47
Walnut Tree Keane 03:38
Eastern Glow The Album Leaf 06:06