2022 - Rock Lançamentos

A playlist contempla o rock internacional e abrange músicas de álbuns e EP’s de estúdio lançados em 2022.

  • por CanaldoRock
  • 88 faixas
  • 5 h 57 min

Faixas da playlist

Peacemaker Scorpions 02:56
Not the End of the Road Kissin' Dynamite 03:59
The Story Serious Black 03:51
The Tipping Point Tears for Fears 04:13
Let Our Love Win Giant 03:58
Hanging On Your Hinges Stereophonics 02:57
If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You The Wombats 02:49
Two Fingers Sea Power 03:32
Lover (Don't Let Me Down) Palace 04:10
Heart Like Chernobyl Soft Cell 03:24
Torpedo Feeder 03:44
U&ME Alt-J 03:18
Deadlock Once Human, Robb Flynn 03:28
BRIGHTSIDE The Lumineers 03:49
So Happy It Hurts Bryan Adams 03:35
I Want My Crown Eric Gales, Joe Bonamassa 04:19
Good Night On Earth Eels 03:18
Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) Saxon 04:42
Harridan Porcupine Tree 08:07
Step Aside


Goodbye June 04:07
Shift the Paradigm Edge of Forever 04:00
Shoshana Sleeping Jethro Tull 03:40
Outrun Reckless Love 03:11
One Word The Ferrymen 04:58
Cry for the Nations Praying Mantis 04:55
Not Today Nasson 04:54
Tonight Kraemer 04:05
Heart's on Fire City Of Lights 04:22
Primeval Desire Girish & The Chronicles 03:50
Drifters Union Manic Sinners 04:47