Low-fi 2024 πŸŒ™ lowfi chill beats to study/relax

chillhop/jazzhop/hip hop lo-fi beats. background music for studying/working or just chilling/relaxing. covers & original tracks. enjoy

Faixas da playlist

sunflower Owlh 02:47
Redbone LAV8 02:09
otherside Owlh 03:12
HELP HERSELF Yedai 03:27
I'm Good (Blue) Owlh 02:56
As It Was Lokash 03:20
Hotline Bling Miro Mas 03:09
The Less I Know The Better Lokash 03:35
what was i made for? Rosarummet 03:29
In the End Owlh 03:22
Under the Bridge Owlh 04:04
Prada Lokash 02:03
Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Miro Mas 04:27
GLIMPSE OF US Yedai 04:10
Rockstar <3BEAT 03:06
Mad World Kamakuras 03:39
REMEMBER ME Yedai 03:03
Kill Bill Lokash 02:45
Dream a Little Dream of Me Yedai 03:04
Jealous LAV8 04:04
Passionfruit <3BEAT 04:02
Pink + White LAV8 03:19
Music For a Sushi Restaurant <3BEAT 03:51
ANTI-HERO Yedai 03:35
Flowers Owlh 03:26
Another Day in Paradise Owlh 04:56
Magic Owlh 04:08
Bitter Sweet Symphony Lokash 03:30
I Want It That Way LAV8 03:34