Album picture of Needwant: Kollect – Balearic & Other Shades of Sunset

Needwant: Kollect – Balearic & Other Shades of Sunset

Various Artists



Stumble (Richard Dorfmeister Cinematic Way Version) Kraak & Smaak, Parcels 05:53
Sienna (Seahawks Open Wide Mix) Private Agenda 06:02
Check It out Heritage (Rayko Balearic Remix) Sirs 05:24
Rainbow Pan Johannes Albert 05:56
How Do You Feel? Max Essa, D.C Mathias 06:57
The Islands FETE 04:43
Leaves of Millfield The Project Club 06:58
Kissing in the Rain Silver Filter 05:57
Forest Black Marlin 07:53
Corona Coyote 06:47
In and Out (Asta Hiroki Instrumental) Ephemerals 03:20
Soy Beaner (Shakarchi & Straneus’ CR-78 Vacation) André Laos 04:55
Buran Chime Max Essa 03:48
Faron (Fabrizio Mammarella Ambient Remix) Gallo 07:01
Melt (The Beat Broker Remix) Somerville & Wilson 07:01
Love Saves the Day (More Piano Instrumental) Kaine 07:20
How’d Riccio 07:23
Don’t Let Go Runaway 07:10

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