Album picture of Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Tour

Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Tour




Angels Cry Angra 07:04
Nothing to Say Angra 06:27
Waiting Silence Angra 04:59
Lisbon Angra 05:08
Time Angra 05:57
Millennium Sun Angra, Moisés Lima 05:46
Winds of Destination Angra 07:09
Gentle Change Angra, Allen Lima 05:33
The Voice Commanding You Angra, Amon Lima 05:59
Late Redemption Angra 05:01
Reaching Horizons Angra 03:26
A Monster in Her Eyes Angra 02:51
No Pain for the Dead Angra, Familia Lima 05:11
Stand Away Angra, Tarja Turunen, Familia Lima 05:32
Wuthering Heights Angra, Tarja Turunen, Uli Jon Roth 04:44
Evil Warning Angra, Amílcar Christófaro 06:42
Unfinished Allegro / Carry On Angra 06:29
Rebirth Angra 05:46
In Exelsis Angra 00:53
Nova Era Angra 06:03

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