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Enough Charlieonnafriday 03:05
I'm Good Natalie Jane, Charlieonnafriday 02:45
That's What I Get Charlieonnafriday 02:30
Undefeated Charlieonnafriday 02:55
I'm Not Crazy Charlieonnafriday 02:41
After Hours Charlieonnafriday 02:37
Same Friends Charlieonnafriday, Lil Tjay 02:44
On My Own Charlieonnafriday 02:50
Enough Charlieonnafriday 03:40
Actress Skeez, Charlieonnafriday 02:40

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charlieonnafriday is the stage name of American musician Charlie Finch, whose melodic hip-hop sound began earning international attention in 2022. Finch was born in Seattle, Washington, on February 21, 2003. He began making his own music as a middle-school student, rapping over beats that a friend has created. He continued to record songs as a teenager, eventually writing his own beats as well. While a junior in high school, the COVID-19 pandemic radically changed Finch's social life, forcing the young extrovert to spend most of his time indoors, away from others. He used that time to his advantage, creating original rap songs inspired by icons like Macklemore and Justin Bieber. Eight of those songs appeared on his major-label debut album, OnnaFriday, which was released in April 2022 by Island Records. Finch was only 19 years old at at the time. The song "After Hours" became a viral hit, earning more than 35 million streams on Spotify and establishing charlieonnafriday as one of Seattle's new hip-hop leaders. A second single, "Enough," reached Number 23 on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart and also fared well internationally, reaching Number 57 in Singapore while appearing on the Shazam charts in Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Indiana, Austria, and numerous other countries.