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Off My Mind Hazel English 03:38
I'm Fine Hazel English 03:17
Wake UP! Hazel English 03:33
All Dressed Up Hazel English, Day Wave 02:54
PDA Day Wave, Hazel English 05:05
Love Is Dead Hazel English 03:30
It's Not Real Hazel English 03:14
That Thing Hazel English 03:08
More Like You Hazel English 04:15
Shaking Hazel English 03:33

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Born in Sydney, Australia, on November 27, 1990, Hazel English studied creative writing as a teenager before relocating in 2013 to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she launched her career as an indie-pop songwriter. Working with Day Wave frontman Jackson Phillips, she co-wrote a handful of 1960s-influenced psychedelic pop songs and released them on Soundcloud, where they began viral hits in 2015. Her debut EP, Never Going Home, was released one year later, accompanied by a tour of Europe, Australia, and the United States. An expanded version of the EP appeared in 2017 under the name Just Give In/Never Going Home. Three years later, Hazel English released the full-length album Wake UP!, whose shimmering pop songs found her working with acclaimed producers Justin Raisen and Ben H. Allen.