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Forgotten (feat. Jinsang) Marcus D, Jinsang 02:20
Kindred Spirit (feat. Emancipator) Marcus D, Emancipator 05:28
Smile (feat. Life the Guardian) Marcus D, Life the Guardian 04:50
Another Day in the Life (feat. Mr. SOS & Cise Star) Bop Alloy, Substantial, Marcus D, Mr. SOS 04:17
Jazzmatic (feat. Stephanie Gayle) Bop Alloy, Substantial, Marcus D, Stephanie Gayle 02:56
Zora's Domain (feat. Nitsua) Marcus D, Nitsua 04:27
The Good Life Marcus D 03:05
Copycats Marcus D, Shing02 02:59
Don't Hold Ya Breath Marcus D, Funky DL 04:23
いのちの名前 (『千と千尋の神隠し』より) Marcus D 03:10

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