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405 - Metronomy x Biig Piig Metronomy, Biig Piig 04:25
Feels Right Biig Piig 03:19
Kerosene Biig Piig 02:29
Lavender Biig Piig 03:11
Sunny Biig Piig 02:37
Switch Biig Piig 02:21
Picking Up (feat. Deb Never) Biig Piig, Deb Never 02:55
Oh No Biig Piig 02:44
Roses and Gold Biig Piig 03:14
Don't Turn Around Biig Piig 02:51

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Jessica Smyth aka Irish rapper and neo-soul artist arrived on the scene in 2017 with her single "Vice City". Smyth was born in Cork, Ireland on January 22, 1998, and grew up between Spain and Ireland, before upping sticks to west London where she began her musical trajectory. Initially flexing her creative muscle in DIY music collective NiNE8, Smyth began penning acoustic-friendly songs on the guitar and ukulele and then moved towards the art of freestyling. Taking her name from a pizza menu, in 2018 she released the first in a trilogy of EPs, the five-track Big Fan of the Sesh, Vol 1., with second EP A World Without Snooze, Vol 2., arriving in March 2019. She made her major-label debut with "Sunny", and the third of her EP series, No Place For Patience, Vol. 3 landed in November 2019.