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Take Me In Your Arms Lil Suzy 03:51
Take Me in Your Arms Lil Suzy 04:07
Take Me in Your Arms (Radio Edit) Lil Suzy 03:22
Take Me In Your Arms Lil Suzy 03:22
Real Love Lil Suzy 03:55
Some Kind of Love Lil Suzy 04:20
Promise Me Lil Suzy 03:51
Promise Me Lil Suzy 04:04
Take Me In Your Arms Lil Suzy 05:07
Love Can't Wait Lil Suzy 04:02

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Take Me In Your Arms
Promise Me
Just Can't Get Over You
Now And Forever

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Born Suzanne Casale Melone in Brooklyn, New York on March 1, 1979, Lil Suzy is a freestyle/pop singer best-known fore genre-defining hits like "Take Me in Your Arms" (1991), "Promise Me" (1994), and "Can't Get You Out of My Mind" (1997). Lil Suzy’s career began when a talent agent spotted her at the age of 5, where she was performing songs originally by Madonna and other artists. Signed to Fever Records at the age of 8, she released her first single “Randy”. At the age of 12, she signed with Warlock Records and began working with producer Tony Garcia. Her first album, Love Can Wait, was released in 1991. The following year, the single “Take Me in Your Arms” was released and it became one of the biggest freestyle hits of all time. While it only reached Number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100, it has become an extremely influential moment in freestyle history. In 1993, she released a cover of Vickie Sue Robinson’s “Turn the Beat Around”, which was taken from the album Back to Dance, a collaboration between Tony Garcia and Lil Suzy. She left Warlock Records and set up her own label, Empress Records, becoming the youngest president of a record label. The first single on the label was “Promise Me”, which hit Number 62 on the Hot 100. Life Goes On was her third album, released in 1995. The album’s third single, “When I Fall in Love”, became a Eurodance hit. The album Paradise was released in 1997, which introduced a more mature Lil Suzy. The album focused on many genres including freestyle, house, Eurodance, and pop. In 1999, she released the compilation Lil Suzy: The Megamix, which included a re-recorded “Take Me in Your Arms” as well as “You’re the Only One”. She continued to release singles, make personal appearances, and issue another compilation, The Greatest Hits (2002), but Lil Suzy spent the next two decades raising a family and pursuing other interests which included opening a hair and nail salon and becoming a certified medical assistant.