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La Vaca Lola El Reino Infantil, La Granja de Zenón 02:07
Twist De Los Ratoncitos El Reino Infantil 03:09
Soy Una Serpiente El Reino Infantil 02:11
Bartolito El Reino Infantil 02:13
Juguemos En El Bosque El Reino Infantil 03:03
La Vaca Lola. (Remix) El Reino Infantil, La Granja de Zenón 02:06
Chu Chu Ua Chu Chu Ua El Reino Infantil 03:26
La Vaca Lola Y Yo. El Reino Infantil, La Granja de Zenón 02:34
La Potranca Margarita El Reino Infantil, La Granja de Zenón 02:00
En El Gallinero El Reino Infantil 02:22

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Created by Leader Music's Roberto Pumar in 2011, Argentina's El Reino Infantil has become one of the most popular Spanish-speaking video-streaming channels for children in Latin America. A large part of the channel's music is written by singer-songwriters Cecilia Rogier and Eduardo Marceillac, who also perform together as Duo Tiempo de Sol. El Reino Infantil made its official debut in 2011 with a tribute to emblematic poet and musician María Elena Walsh. Later that year, they launched their celebrated La Granja de Zenón series, which introduced some of the channel's most beloved characters—Lola the Cow and Bartolito the Rooster. The song "Bartolito," included in the series' third installment, eventually became one of the franchise's biggest hits. Other popular video series by the company include Rondas y Clásicos Infantiles, Canciones del Zoo, Paco el Marinero, Michi-guau, La Familia Blu, and BichiKids. In 2019, the channel experienced a surge in popularity after American actor Ashton Kutcher and his partner, actress Mila Kunis, published a video of themselves on social media dancing to the song "La Vaca Lola." By 2021, El Reino Infantil was the most subscribed Spanish-language channel in the world.