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Action & Action The Get Up Kids 04:05
Overdue The Get Up Kids 02:58
Like a Man Possessed The Get Up Kids 04:05
Forgive and Forget The Get Up Kids 03:25
Out of Reach The Get Up Kids 03:46
Burned Bridges The Get Up Kids 03:04
Valentine The Get Up Kids 04:19
New Found Mass (2000) The Get Up Kids 04:25
Walking on a Wire The Get Up Kids 05:16
I'll Catch You The Get Up Kids 04:20

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Although inextricably linked with the late 1990s emo movement, Kansas band The Get Up Kids have always been keen to disassociate themselves with the genre preferring to be regarded as original artists rather than part of a movement. Despite their efforts to distance themselves the fact remains that the band are unmistakeably emo in origin with their penchant for slow moody drum beats and angst laden lyrics. The band's second album, 'Something to Write Home About', released in 1999 was listed by NME as one of '20 Emo Albums That Have Resolutely Stood the Test of Time'. Upon its release the album peaked at number 31 on Billboard's influential Heatseeker Chart.

As the band became increasingly uncomfortable with being tagged as emo they made a deliberate move away from their established sound and recorded their third album 'On a Wire', released in 2002. The change in style proved commercially disastrous for the band and it had a polarising effect on their fanbase. Eventually internal disputes within the band caused a split in 2005. The band reformed in 2008 and have recorded two further studio albums 'Simple Science' and 'There Are Rules'. The latter album is notable for being recorded without any digital enhancements.