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Smoko The Chats 02:59
Panic Attack The Chats 02:02
6L GTR The Chats 02:05
The Price Of Smokes The Chats 03:42
Ticket Inspector The Chats 02:23
Temperature The Chats 02:52
Out On The Street The Chats 02:01
Dead On Site The Chats 01:44
Boggo Breakout The Chats 01:25
Getting Better The Chats 03:41

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Influenced by 1960s garage rock and 1970s punk, alternative rock band The Chats was formed in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia in 2016. The group’s early line-up featured drummer Matt Boggis, bassist / vocalist Eamon Sandwith, and guitarist Josh Price, all of whom had met while attending St. Teresa’s Catholic College in Noosa, Queensland. Bassist and guitarist Tremayne McCarthy had been part of the original line-up but had left before they had achieved local fame. The group recorded their self-titled EP in a matter of hours at a local high school and released it in November 2016. Their next EP, Get This in Ya! (2017), featured the viral hit “Smoko,” which brought the Chats to the attention of major labels. Signing with Universal, the group released a series of singles - “Do What I Want” (2018), “Pub Feed” (2019), “Identity Theft” (2019), “The Clap” (2020), and “Dine N Dash” (2020) – before issuing their debut album, High Risk Behavior, in 2020. Shortly after the release of the album, guitarist Josh Price left the band and was replaced by Josh Hardy. The group released the non-album single “AC/DC CD” later that year. In early 2022, The Chats released the single “Struck By Lightning.”