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Everwinter Frozen Crown 03:38
I Am The Tyrant Frozen Crown 04:48
Neverending Frozen Crown 05:07
In The Dark Frozen Crown 04:43
Arctic Gales Frozen Crown 01:24
To Infinity Frozen Crown 04:11
Winterfall Frozen Crown 07:30
The Shieldmaiden Frozen Crown 05:50
Forever Frozen Crown 05:09
Crowned In Frost Frozen Crown 06:33

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Call of the North

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Formed in 2017 in Milan, Lombardy, Frozen Crown is an Italian power metal band fronted by female vocalist Giada "Jade" Etro. Etro co-founded the band with multi-instrumentalist Federico Mondelli, and the two musicians completed Frozen Crown's original lineup with bassist Filippo Zavattari, drummer Alberto Mezzanotte, and guitarist Thalia Bellazecca. The Fallen King, the band's full-length debut album, was released one year later and introduced the band's diverse sound, which blended the furious speed of heavy metal music with opulent production, vocal harmonies, and symphonic arrangements. Singles like "Kings" and "I Am the Tyrant" helped spread Frozen Crown's music to an international audience, and the band returned in 2019 with a second album, Crowned in Frost. To support the album, Frozen Crown toured with bands like Elvenking, Desert, and DragonForce. Although the group began working on a third album during the final months of 2020, three of Frozen Crown's original members — Mezzanotte, Bellazecca, and Zavattari — left the lineup before its completion. Guitarist Fabiola "Sheena" Bellomo, bassist Francesco Zof, and drummer Niso Tomasini joined the band in 2021, and the completed Winterbane was released that same year. A fourth album, Call of the North, followed in 2023, blending the band's signature sound with acoustic ballads and even vocal choirs. A popular release amongst metal fans in multiple countries, the album reached Number 76 in Japan.