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Vibes Node, Gilli 02:51
Ibiza (feat. B.O.C) Benny Jamz, Gilli, KESI, B.O.C 03:39
All In Branco, Gilli 02:48
Oui Sivas, Node, Gilli 03:08
555 Gilli, KESI 02:37
Tidligt Op Gilli 03:51
Miami Vicer Gilli 02:31
Tudo Bem Benny Jamz, Gilli 02:10
Hajde (feat. B.O.C) Benny Jamz, Gilli, KESI, B.O.C 03:05
Romario Gilli 02:54

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Gilli is a Danish hip-hop artist who reached mainstream success with singles like "C'est la Vie," "Langsom," "Tranquillo," "Verden Vender," all of which topped the Danish charts. In addition to his acclaimed solo career, Gilli also works alongside Kesi, Noah Carter, and Benny Jamz as part of the hip-hop crew B.O.C., as well as with Stepz, Branco, and Benny Jamz in MOLO.

Born as Kian Rosenberg Larsson in Rødovre on June 27th, 1992, Gilli began receiving attention at the age of 20 with the release of his single "Små børn," which charted at Number 34 in Denmark. More singles, including collaborations with Kimbo and Murro, followed, but 2014 was the year that Gilli truly gained traction.

He made his move into acting that year, starring and performing in director Fenar Ahmad's film Ækte vare about a Danish native attempting to escape poverty through rap. An EP of music from the film, including collaborations with MellemFingaMuzik, KESI, and Højer Øye, made it to Number 8 in Denmark.

One year later, "C'est la Vie" marked Gilli's first chart-topping single, a feat he'd repeat multiple times over the years. He also climbed to Number 1 with debut album, 2020's Kiko, as well as its 2020 follow-up, Euro Connection. Following Euro Connection's release, Gilli remained at the top of the charts with the Number 1 standalone singles "L.U.V." and "Snik Snak," both of which were released in 2020. He then returned to Number 1 yet again with his first single of 2021, "Kærlighed," followed by the collaborative album Mere End Musik with Benny Jamz, KESI, and some of the members of B.O.C, released later that year. Carnival, his third consecutive album to debut at Number 1 in Denmark, appeared in 2022 and managed to land six straight singles on the domestic Top 10, including "Baianá," "Peligrosa," and "Kender Ik' I Morgen."