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Because it's you Jung Seung Hwan 04:15
If You are With Me Jung Seung Hwan 05:18
The Spring Day Passes Jung Seung Hwan 04:22
We, From The First Jung Seung Hwan 04:17
Love Letter Jung Seung Hwan 04:07
Thinking of You Jung Seung Hwan 04:18
My christmas wish Jung Seung Hwan 04:16
You're My Spring Jung Seung Hwan 04:19
잘 지내요 Jung Seung Hwan 03:47
Don't worry Lee Juck, Yoon Jong Shin, You Hee Yeol, 10cm 04:02

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Jung Seung-hwan became a household name in South Korea in 2015, when he ballad-loving vocalist finished the four season of K-Pop Star as the television show's second-place contestant. He was still a teenager at the time, having been born on August 21, 1996, in Sabuk-eup, Jeongseon County. Seung-hwan auditioned for K-Pop Star in 2014 and used the show as a launchpad for his career, with his first two singles — "I Want to Fall in Love" and "I Have to Forget You," both performed during his time on K-Pop Star — becoming Number 1 hits on the South Korean Gain Music Chart. He later scored another Top 10 hit with "If It Was You," his contribution to the 2016 TV series Another Miss Oh, and released the debut EP His Voice later that year. His Voice peaked at Number 10 and produced another Number 1 hit, "The Fool." Jung Seung-hwan maintained his place at the forefront of K-pop with his full-length debut, Spring Again, which arrived in early 2018 and charted at Number 8. The EPs Dear, My Universe and Five Words Left Unsaid were released in 2019 and 2021, respectively, with Seung-hwan continuing to appear on soundtracks like Blade & Soul 2 and Now, We Are Breaking Up