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No.1 DISH// 03:50
Neko -The First Take Version DISH// 04:33
I Can Hear DISH// 04:13
Flame DISH// 04:05
Katteni My Soul DISH// 04:28
Neko DISH// 04:36
Shape of Love - From THE FIRST TAKE DISH// 03:59
Katteni My SOUL DISH// 04:27
DAWN DISH// 04:20
DAWN - in 2022 DISH// 04:14

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The Japanese band DISH// was formed in 2011 and released its first independent single, "It's Alright," one year later. Combining rock and J-pop influences with dance choreography, the band established a unique sound and cracked the Top 20 with another independent single, "Give Me Chocolate!," in early 2013. The song's success earned DISH// a major-label contract with Sony Music Records, kickstarting a string of Top 10 singles that became with the Number 9 hit "I Can Hear" and the Number 4 hit "Hareru Ya!" in 2013. Meanwhile, the group's lineup shifted slightly, with the roster coalescing around Daichi Izumi, Masaki Yabe, Takumi Kitamura, and To-i Tachibana. By the time the group released its debut album, Main Dish, in 2015, DISH// had also scored a pair of Number 2 hits with "Saisho no Koi (Motetakute) / Flame" and "Hengao de Bye Bye!!," both of which were released in 2014. Main Dish proved to be a success, too, peaking at Number 5 and paving the way for subsequent Number 2 singles like "Oretachi Rookies" and "High-Voltage Dancer." A second album, Mashiagare no Gatling, was released in 2016 and peaked at Number 4, with Junkfood Junction climbing to Number 2 in 2019. Following a short break, DISH// returned to the charts with 2021's X, which charted at Number 4 and produced the Top 10 singles "No.1" and "Chinchoge."