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Fibre De Verre Paris Combo 03:40
Pas A Pas Paris Combo 04:16
Living Room Paris Combo 04:17
Comptez sur moi Paris Combo 03:43
Calendar Paris Combo 03:07
Lettre A P Paris Combo 03:42
Obliques Paris Combo 03:15
Señor Paris Combo 04:20
Etoile Pâle Paris Combo 03:58
Tako Tsubo Paris Combo 03:20

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Inspired by American jazz, French chanson, pop, swing, and Latin music, Paris Combo formed in 1995 in Paris, France. The group's roots were as diverse as its music, with vocalist Belle du Berry and drummer François Jeannin hailing from France, trumpet player David Lewis hailing from Australia, bassist Mano Razanajato hailing from Madagascar, and Gypsy guitarist Potzi hailing from Algeria. Together, the eclectic musicians released Paris Combo's self-titled debut in 1997, then achieved gold status in France with their second album, Living Room, in 1999. Supported by international tours and critical acclaim, Living Room earned Paris Combo a nomination at Les Victoires de la Musique, France's equivalent of the Grammy Awards, and paved the way for 2001's Attraction. While Paris Combo continued releasing new material throughout the subsequent two decades, du Berry and Lewis also collaborated outside of the group on albums like 2009's Quizz. Du Berry passed away three years after Paris Combo's seventh record, Tako Tsubo, appeared in 2017, losing a battle with cancer on August 11, 2020.