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Non sono una signora Loredana Bertè 03:29
Cosa ti aspetti da me Loredana Bertè 03:44
... E la luna bussò Loredana Bertè 04:34
Non Ti Dico No BoomDaBash, Loredana Bertè 03:11
In alto mare Loredana Bertè 04:29
Figlia di... Loredana Bertè 03:25
Mare Malinconia Franco126, Loredana Bertè 02:56
Che Sogno Incredibile Emma, Loredana Bertè 03:03
Sei bellissima Loredana Bertè 04:54
Tequila e San Miguel Loredana Bertè 03:14

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Loredana Bertè is a celebrated Italian singer in various styles such as jazz, pop, rock and reggae with a long career that began in 1974 with the release of her debut album, 'Streaking'. Albums followed such as 'T.I.R' (1977), 'BandaBertè' (1979), 'LoredanaBertè' (1980) and 'Made in Italy' (1981) with an American funk band called Platinum Hook. Her 1982 release 'Translocando' became a major hit in her homeland and the track 'Non Soon una signora' became her signature tune. Many more albums followed as she worked with top Italian songwriters such as Pino Daniele, Ivano Fossati, Mario Lavezzi, Mango and Enrico Ruggeri.

Throughout her career she has released several albums including 'Jazz' (1983), 'Savoir Faire' (1984), 'Ingresso Libero' (1994), 'Babybertè' (2005) and 'Il meglio in 3' (2013). Her latest album, 'LiBertè' came out in 2018. She has performed internationally and appears regularly at the Sanremo Music Festival. She married former tennis champion Björn Borg in 1988 and they divorced in 1993. Her sister Mia Martini, also a well-known pop singer, died in 1995 aged 47. Loredana Bertè's 2019 schedule was to include appearances at venues in several Italian cities including Florence, Varese, Rome, Milan, Bologna and Bergamo.