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Nothing Is Real Angerfist, Ophidian 03:57
Silver .22 (The Name Of The Wolf) Ophidian 04:03
Electric Resonance (Thunderdome - High Voltage OST) Ophidian 03:19
The Wonders of the Universe Dr. Peacock, Ophidian 04:02
Your Mind Ophidian 03:27
Bring On the Orchestra (Harmony of Hardcore Anthem 2019) Ophidian 03:33
Dark Euphoria Ophidian 03:30
Who You Are (Welcome To Thunderdome) Ophidian 05:24
Running on Empty Ophidian 07:56
Nothing Waits (Full Edit) Ophidian, Miss Hysteria, Miss Hysteria & Ophidian 08:24

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