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Calling You
As Time Goes By
En Man (Marlowe's Theme)
Out Here on My Own

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Born just north of Stockholm in Sweden, a descendant of Russian author Leo Tolstoy, Viktoria Tolstoy has built a career that combines acting on television and in movies with performing and recording jazz. She has toured in Japan, Malaysia, the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. Her 2017 album 'Meet Me at the Movies' featured songs from film soundtracks with numbers by such artists as Lesley Gore, Annie Lennox, Seal, Sarah McLachlan, Björk, Charlie Chaplin and Stevie Wonder.

She emerged in the early 1990s with an album titled 'Smile, Love and Spice' and had a pop album titled 'För Älskad' in 1996. She signed with Blue Note Records and made more albums. In 2004, the Daily Telegraph described her singing on the album 'Shining On You' as "completely unaccented English" with a voice that has "a nice cool, powder quality". She has appeared on several Swedish television programmes and acted in 'Against the Odds' (1995) and 'Vår tid är nu' (2017).