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Heal Tomorrow Naïve New Beaters, Izia 03:36
Get Love Naïve New Beaters 02:39
Dancing Naïve New Beaters 02:14
Live Good Naïve New Beaters 03:39
Words Hurt Naïve New Beaters 03:41
Montecristo Naïve New Beaters 03:34
Flood Degree, Tallisker, Naïve New Beaters, LUCASV 02:52
I See Fire Naïve New Beaters, Ana Zimmer 03:05
La Onda Naïve New Beaters 02:51
Addicted To Joy Naïve New Beaters 04:45

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According to their Facebook page, Parisien popsters Naive New Beaters list their main interests as "hamburgers, California, Eddie Murphy and Richard Branson". The band have a similarly eclectic range of musical influences with rap, electro, hip hop, rock and pop all making an appearance in the mix. Their laissez-faire attitude to musical conventions hasn't restricted their musical appeal and the band have enjoyed success with the track Can't Choose lifted from their 2009 album Wallace when the song was adopted by video game giant Visual Concepts. The song was used as a backing track for the company's hugely successful basketball game NBA 2K10. The group had further commercial exposure when the band's debut single Live Good, originally released in 2007, was chosen by Nokia as the music for a TV advertising campaign. After a four year recording hiatus the band released the album À La Folie on the French record label Cinq7 in 2016.