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You Get What You Give New Radicals 05:00
Someday We'll Know New Radicals 03:39
Mother We Just Can't Get Enough New Radicals 05:48
I Hope I Didn't Just Give Away The Ending New Radicals 06:38
Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too New Radicals 05:20
Crying Like A Church On Monday New Radicals 05:02
Gotta Stay High New Radicals 03:05
In Need Of A Miracle New Radicals 03:43
Jehovah Made This Whole Joint For You New Radicals 04:10
Technicolor Lover New Radicals 03:43

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Mother We Just Can't Get Enough
You Get What You Give
I Hope I Didn't Just Give Away The Ending
I Don't Wanna Die Anymore

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A one-hit wonder of the late 90s alt-rock movement, New Radicals were largely the brainchild of Gregg Alexander.
A Michigan native whose musical output indicated his affection for Motown R&B and seventies rock, Alexander formed the group in Los Angeles in 1997.
Actually, “group” might be too strong a word. Alexander not only produced the band’s one and only album, 1998’s Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too, but he wrote or co-wrote every one of its twelve tracks. Additionally, New Radicals maintained a revolving door when it came to other members. The closest thing to a solid bandmate was Danielle Brisebois, who provided background vocals, percussion, co-wrote one of the songs, worked with Alexander on his previous two solo albums, and was featured in the video for the band’s lone hit song, “You Get What You Give”. The album peaked at number 41, but the single went top 40 in multiple countries and topped the pop chart in both Canada and New Zealand. Unhappy with touring, Alexander quickly announced the dissolution of New Radicals to focus on songwriting and producing for other artists.