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Lifesaver Verb T, Illinformed, The Four Owls 04:26
Medicate Verb T 02:37
On the Edge Verb T 02:57
Sittin' Here Verb T, BVA 03:13
Lie Low Verb T, Pitch 92, Ocean Wisdom, DJ Sammy B-Side 03:45
Foggy Eyes Verb T, Illinformed 03:11
First Step Verb T, Illinformed 03:01
I Remain Verb T 02:50
OCD With The L O V E Fliptrix, Coops, Verb T 03:15
Where You Find Me Verb T 03:12

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Hip hop artist and producer Thomas Conning - born January 11, 1981, in London, England – is better known by his stage name Verb T. He first came to prominence in 2004 with the release of his debut Backhand Slap Talk/Technical Illness, which was a split release with Kashmere the Iguana Man. His next release - I’m Not That Guy… (2006) – was a collaboration with Harry Love. Bring It Back to Basics, a collaboration with the Last Skeptik, was released in 2007. Moving forward on his own, he released Verbs With a Vengeance (2008), Serious Games (2010), Morning Process (2012), and I Remain (2013). Verb T formed the group The Four Owls – also featuring Fliptrix, Leaf Dog, and BVA MC – and released their debut album Nature’s Greatest Mystery in 2011. The group has released two addition albums since then. Verb T’s collaboration with hip hop producer Illinformed resulted in two albums: The Man with the Foggy Eyes (2015) and The Land of the Foggy Skies (2020). Verb T collaborated with Pitch 92 on several projects including tracks for TV series like Just Another Immigrant (2018) and The Reluctant Landlord (2019). They also released the albums Good Evening (2017) and A Question of Time (2019).