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Wine & Chocolates Theophilus London 03:46
Neighbors Theophilus London 03:55
Wine and Chocolates Theophilus London 03:42
Can't Stop (feat. Kanye West) Theophilus London, Kanye West 04:51
Tribe (feat. Jesse Boykins III) Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III 02:30
Flying Overseas Theophilus London 04:14
Neu Law Theophilus London 02:38
Last Name London Theophilus London 03:44
Why Even Try (feat. Sara Quin) Theophilus London, Sara Quin 04:20
Smoke Dancehall Theophilus London 03:40

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Water Me (feat. Leon Ware)
Neu Law
Take and Look
Can't Stop (feat. Kanye West)


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Theophilus London is the stage name of Trinidadian-American rapper and singer Theophilus Musa London. He was born on February 23, 1987, in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. At a very early age, Theophilus London moved to New York City, and then to the Poconos. Moving around during his formative years informed his musical upbringing, as he started incorporating elements of various genres such as R&B, post-punk, pop, and more. He started rapping and making his way through the local scene, gaining acclaim to the point of signing with Warner Bros. Records. He released his debut EP Lovers Holiday in 2011, featuring contributions from artists such as Solange Knowles and Sara Quin. This was followed by a full-length album titled Timez Are Weird These Days, released in July 2011. After extensive touring, Theophilus London released his second album Vibes in 2014. The album featured guest appearances by artists such as Leon Ware, Kanye West, Devonte Hynes, and Soko. Theophilus London also made a guest appearance on the Azealia Banks song “JFK” off her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste (2014). Over the next few years, Theophilus London collaborated with other artists outside of the hip-hop genre, such as Ariel Pink (on the 2016 song “Revenge”) and Tame Impala (on the song “Whiplash”). In 2020, Theophilus London released his third full-length album Bebey, released independently. The album was produced by Theophilus London along with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, and it includes collaborations from artists such as Lil Yachty and Raekwon.