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Aqualast ROVER 04:08
Some Needs ROVER 03:44
Queen of the Fools ROVER 03:26
Lou ROVER 02:50
Tonight ROVER 03:18
Venise Hat ROVER 03:30
Rising High ROVER 03:06
Berenice (bonus track) ROVER 05:15
To This Tree ROVER 03:47
Burning Flag ROVER 03:18

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Rover is the solo project of French songwriter Timothée Régnier, whose diverse music is influenced by rock, pop, electro, and folk. Born in Paris on September 24, 1979, he spent much of his childhood and early adulthood in foreign countries, attending high school school in New York City — where his classmates included future members of the Strokes — and forming his first band, The New Government, while living in Beirut, Lebanon. Following the expiration of his tourist visa, he returned home to France, where he recorded music for films like Montparnasse and A New York Adventure before launching the Rover project with the release of a self-titled EP in 2012. A full-length album, also self-titled, was released later that same year. After writing the music for Guillaume Brac's 2013 film Thunder, Timothée Régnier began working on a second Rover album, Let It Glow. Released in 2015, Let It Glow earned a nomination at the Victoires de la musique 2016 for "Best Rock Album" and was supported by more than a year's worth of tour dates. The album also showcased Timothée Régnier's abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, with the songwriter performing every instrument on the record apart from drums. Rover's third album, Eiskeller, was released in May 2021, following the release of the radio singles "To This Tree" and "Wasted Love."