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La la la Maya Berovic 03:05
Rampampam Caneras, Maya Berovic 03:00
Honey Maya Berovic 03:15
Balmain Maya Berovic 03:00
To Me Radi Maya Berovic 03:13
Harem Maya Berovic 03:23
Legalna Leon, Maya Berovic 02:59
V.I.P Maya Berovic, Jala Brat 03:22
Alkohol Maya Berovic 03:54
Mala Lomi Maya Berovic 03:08

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Maya Berović (born on July 8, 1987) is a Bosnian-born Serbian singer and one of the biggest pop stars in the Balkans. Berović’s childhood was marked by the Bosnian War, losing her father at the age of 3. After the war ended in 1995, her family relocated to Bratunac, where she started performing at local discotheques while still a teenager. Inspired by pop divas Dragana Mirković, Lepa Brena and Ceca, she launched her music career with the album Život uživo (2007), which was quickly followed by Crno zlato in 2008. Her first taste of recognition came in 2011, when “Djevojačko prezime,” the lead single off 2011’s Maya, received the Hit of the Year Award in Sarajevo. She followed up with Djevojka sa juga (2012) and Opasne Vode (2014), her last album recorded in Bosnian. She then abandoned the folk-pop stylings of her earlier albums and got closer to hip-hop and urban pop music on 2017’s Serbian-sung Viktorijina tajna, featuring production by Bosnian rappers Jala Brat and Buba Corelli. In 2018, she teamed up once again with Brat and Corelli for 7, which incorporated elements from dancehall, reggaeton, and trap into her songs. Following a regional tour under the name Pravo Vreme, Berović released the standalone singles “Zmaj” and “Uloga” in 2019, and surprised her fans with Intime (2020), her eight studio album.