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Dulce introducción al caos Extremoduro 07:42
La vereda de la puerta de atrás Extremoduro 04:03
Jesucristo García Extremoduro 04:50
Si te vas... Extremoduro 08:36
Locura transitoria Extremoduro 08:14
Golfa Extremoduro 05:59
So payaso Extremoduro 04:41
Experiencias de un Batracio Extremoduro 06:02
Mi espíritu imperecedero Extremoduro 05:42
Volando solo Extremoduro 03:31

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Mi espíritu imperecedero
Otra inútil canción para la paz
Si te vas...

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Widely regarded as one of the most influential bands in Spanish rock, hard rockers Extremoduro formed in 1987 in Plasencia, Extremadura. The band's name is a pun on the group's home region and roughly translates as "extremely rough," a term that perfectly suits their punk ethos and controversial lyrics. It originally consisted of chief singer-songwriter Roberto "Robe" Iniesta on vocals and guitar with "Kaito" on bass, and "William" on drums, both of which were replaced by "Salo" and Luis von Fanta a few months later. This lineup recorded the group's first demo and its studio debut Rock Transgresivo, released to great critical acclaim in 1989 by Avispa Records. The album featured the early hits "Extremaydura" and "Jesucristo García," and was certified gold upon its release. After issuing a second LP titled Somos Unos Animales (1991) via Área Creativa, Extremadura signed with DRO (Spain's first independent label) and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with through the platinum-selling albums Deltoya (1992), ¿Dónde Están Mis Amigos? (1993), and the experimental Pedrá (1995). Agila (1996), their critically acclaimed sixth studio effort, found the band expanding its sound by incorporating a brass section as well as contributions by Platero y Tú's Iñaki "Uoho" Antón. The album proved to be Extremadura's most successful release up to that point, peaking at Number 13 in Spain and spawning the hits "Buscando una Luna," "Prometeo," and "So Payaso." Over the next few decades, subsequent releases such as Canciones Prohibidas (1998), Yo, Minoría Absoluta (2002), La Ley Innata (2008), Material Defectuoso (2011), and Para Todos los Públicos (2013) established the band as a major force in the Spanish rock scene, with the last three achieving pole position on the local charts. In 2019, Robe announced that Extremoduro would be embarking on a farewell tour, but after several postponements, the group officially announced its dissolution on August 25, 2021. Later that year, Extremoduro released the compilation Canciones 1989-2013, which contained songs like "La Vereda de la Puerta de Atrás" and re-recorded versions of their early material.