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Bro gozh ma zadoù Soldat Louis, Tri Yann, Alan Stivell, Clarisse Lavanant 02:43
Son ar chistr Tri Yann, Gwennyn 03:21
Pelot d'Hennebont Tri Yann 03:13
An alac’h Tri Yann 03:20
Le loup le renard et la belette Tri Yann 08:23
Sein 1940 Tri Yann, Louis Capart 03:24
La Jument De Michao Tri Yann 03:43
Les prisons de Nantes Tri Yann 02:04
Korydwen et le Rouge Kenholl Tri Yann 06:39
Tri martolod (with Alan Stivell, Tri Yann & Armens) Tri Yann, Alan Stivell, Armens, Gilles Servat 04:14

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La mer est sans fin
Pelot d’hennebont
Si mort a mors
Bro Gozh Ma Zadou`

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Formed in Nantes, France in 1971, Tri Yann is a folk-rock group inspired by traditional Celtic and Breton folk music. Known for their unique and colorful stage wear, the group was founded by Jean-Louis Jossic (vocals / bombarde), Jean-Paul Corbineau (vocals / acoustic guitar), and Jean Chocun (vocals / mandolin / guitar), which inspired the name of the group, Tri Yann (Yann being the Breton version of the name Jean / John). Originally part of the folk-rock revival that began in the 1960s, the group’s music evolved from a more traditional sound in their early days to a more diverse sound that embraced folk rock and world music. Tri Yann released their debut album, Tri Yann an Naoned, in 1972, followed by albums such as Ten Years, Ten Girls (1973), Discover or Ignorance (1976), Café du Bon Coin (1983), The Stone Vessel (1988), and Bell et Rebelle (1990). The group continued to release albums and tour frequently, celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2011with the concept album Rummadou and an extensive tour. The album was followed by 2012’s Chansons de Marins plus a live release, Le concert des 40 ans, which was recorded and filmed during their anniversary tour. In 2016, they released the album La Belle Enchantée, which featured legends and tales of Brittany. Tri Yann continued to tour, releasing another live album, 50 Years of Stage – Kenavo Tour Live, in 2019. In 2021, with all three founding members still leading the band, Tri Yann celebrated their 50th anniversary. On December 16, 2022, original member Jean-Paul Corbineau died at the age of 74 after a long illness.