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Six Lines, Two Dragons, and a Messiah $uicideboy$, Shakewell 02:46
Big Shot Cream Soda $uicideboy$, Shakewell 03:15
Whole Lotta Grey $uicideboy$, Shakewell 03:06
SHAMELESS $UICIDE $uicideboy$, Shakewell 04:03
Pemex Shakewell, Fat Nick 02:36
Gutter Bravado $uicideboy$, Shakewell 02:26
Leglock Shakewell, Mikey The Magician 02:03
Went to Rehab and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt $uicideboy$, Shakewell 02:03
Killing Diablo, Eliozie, Shakewell, Terror Reid 03:00
Sleeping Bag Shakewell, Mikey The Magician 02:03

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Born Andrew Adolph on December 22, 1991, in San Fernando Valley, California, American rapper Shakewell burst onto the scene in the 2010s with his gloomy, Memphis rap-influenced sound and lyrics that struck a delicate balance between violence and introspection. After playing bass for the hardcore metal band Betrayal, he reinvented himself as an MC and made his debut on the mixtapes Key Stone Prince (2017) and Big Juice that Sip (2018), followed by the Fat Nick collaborative EP Roommates in 2019. All the buzz surrounding his work culminated in his signing to $uicideboy$'s G59 imprint in 2020. Released in 2022, Shakewell's studio debut, Pray 4 Shakewell, featured the New Orleans duo on the track "Solutions," as well as additional guest spots from Fat Nick and Boobie Lootaveli. In 2023, Shakewell teamed up with $uicideboy$ once again, this time on a collaborative extended play titled Shameless $uicide, which reached Number 50 on the Billboard 200 chart.