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Gold Sir Sly 03:51
High Sir Sly 03:51
&Run Sir Sly 03:46
Astronaut Sir Sly 03:44
Ghost Sir Sly 03:38
Material Boy Sir Sly 03:44
Expectations Sir Sly 07:17
Floods Sir Sly 03:32
Material Boy Sir Sly 04:05
Too Far Gone Sir Sly 03:26

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Too Much Weight

von Slo/tide, Sir Sly


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Sir Sly's electronic, beat-driven pop music earned the Los Angeles-based band a number of hits during the 2010s and beyond, with the group maintaining a regular presence on the rock and alternative charts. Formed in 2012 in Orange County, California, Sir Sly's lineup paired vocalist Landon Jacobs with multi-instrumentalists Hayden Coplen and Jason Suwito. The trio's first two singles, "Ghost" and "Gold," were both released the following spring, with "Gold" climbing to Number 27 on the Alternative Songs chart and Number 45 on Rock Airplay. The song also made appearances in video games like MLB 14: The Show and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, which expanded Sir Sly's popularity beyond the confines of the Billboard charts. "Ghost" and "Gold" later appeared on the band's debut album, You Haunt Me, which was released by Interscope Records in September 2014. Peaking at Number 14 on the Alternative Albums chart, the album paved the way for the 2017 release of Sir Sly's sophomore album, Don't You Worry, Honey. "High," the record's first single, became Sir Sly's best-selling song to date, ascending to Number 3 on Billboard's Alternative Songs while also enjoying Top 10 status on Canada's own rock chart. Another song from the same record, "&Run," also hit Number 3 on the American Alternative chart, giving the band two Top 5 successes during the same year. Sir Sly cracked the Top 40 yet again in 2020, when "Material Boy" charted at Number 39.