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Life Zivert, Филипп Киркоров 03:09
Снег Филипп Киркоров 04:37
Роза чайная (feat. Маша Распутина) Филипп Киркоров, Маша Распутина 03:22
Просто подари Филипп Киркоров 03:59
Я эту жизнь тебе отдам Филипп Киркоров 03:29
Небо и земля Филипп Киркоров 04:11
Я поднимаю свой бокал Филипп Киркоров 04:42
Яркий Я Дискотека Авария, Филипп Киркоров 03:42
Акапелла души Филипп Киркоров 03:41
Единственная моя Филипп Киркоров 05:25

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Filipp Kirkorov is one of the biggest and most influential pop stars in the Russian show business. He was born in Varna (Bulgaria) on April 30, 1967, he graduated in 1998 from the Gnessin State Music School in Moscow.  Kirkorov’s first major success in Russia came with the song “Атлантида” ("Atlantis") in 1994. The same year he married Alla Pugachova, the brightest female star of the post-Soviet era, who was 18 years older. This event also propelled the population of his album Primadonna (1995) that was dedicated to Pugachova. He represented Russia in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest and took 17th place. Starting from romantic albums and compositions in the 90s', in the 00s' Kirkorov gradually came to a more provocative and extravagant image. He relentlessly tries himself in different collaborations and genres (like rap) and is open to experiments. His highly successful track of 2018, "Цвет настроения синий" ("Blue Is the Color of the Mood") turned into a cultural meme, the ironic track "Ibiza" ended up being a scandal, and his single "По камням по острым" ("On the Sharp Rocks"), released in 2021, became an unexpected comeback to Kirkorov’s romantic ballad roots. Endlessly charismatic, with a deep baritone and numerous awards and honors, Kirkorov gained his biggest achievement by being nicknamed the « King of Russian pop ».