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I Think I'm In Love Kat Dahlia 03:22
Gangsta Kat Dahlia 04:05
Body and Soul Kat Dahlia 04:09
Mirror Kat Dahlia 04:17
Crazy Kat Dahlia 03:31
My Garden Kat Dahlia 03:57
Tumbao Kat Dahlia 03:49
Crazy (Remix) (feat. Gocho) Kat Dahlia, Gocho 03:29
I'm Doin Good Kat Dahlia 02:43
Just Another Dude Kat Dahlia 03:36

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My Garden
Saturday Sunday

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Kat Dahlia is a Cuban-American singer, songwriter and rapper from Miami, Florida. She was born Katriana Sandra Huguet on July 29 1990, and by age 8 she had already developed an inclination for rapping. By age 15, she was ripping instrumental tracks off of YouTube and recording her own vocals over them. Kat Dahlia made the move to New York City at age 18, after saving money from jobs in the service industry. She released her own self-financed EP in 2015, which led to signing with the label Vested In Culture (VIC), a joint venture with Epic Records. Shortly after that, she released her first single for the label, “Gangsta,” which garnered critical acclaim and mainstream attention, appearing on the season 16 premiere of the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her debut full-length album My Garden was released on January 15, 2015, debuting at number 54 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The album was met with positive reviews, with critics making note of Kat Dahlia’s blending of urban pop music, soul, and hip-hop styles on tracks such as the ferocious “I Think I’m In Love”. In 2017 she released the single “Friday Night Majic,” produced by esteemed hip-hop and R&B producer J-Roc. In 2020 Kat Dahlia released SeVen, a bilingual collection of songs which delved into her Latin roots.