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İki Aşık Ersay Üner 03:34
İki Aşık Ersay Üner 03:33
Duysun Ersay Üner 03:36
Selam Ersay Üner 04:25
Seni Soruyorlar Ersay Üner 03:11
Yalan Ersay Üner 02:53
Gidiyorsun Ersay Üner 04:26
Tatlım Tatlım (Orijinal Film Müziği) Ersay Üner 03:35
Nokta Ersay Üner 04:00
Vazgeçtim Ersay Üner 03:09

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Turkish pop singer-songwriter Ersay Üner was born on October 7th, 1978 in the town of Seydişehir, in Turkey's Konya Province, and developed a taste for pop music at the wedding ceremonies he would attend with his father, who worked as a marriage official. After moving to Istanbul at 14 he began his musical trajectory and set about carving his own path. While in Istanbul, he joined forces with the team of Turkish pop talent Demet Akalın and started writing and composing songs for her, putting his name to several hits including "Yılan," "Afedersin," "Bebek," "Herkes Hak Ettiği Gibi Yaşıyor," "Mucize," "Tatil," and "Unuttum." His own debut single "Yürüdüm" arrived in 2015, with his breakthrough track "İki Aşık" following two years later. Ersay Üner's debut album Nokta emerged in 2019, with a trio of new singles landing in 2021: "Seni Soruyorlar," "Gidiyorsun," and "Allı Turnam" featuring Burcu Acı. 2022 saw the arrival of new singles, "Duysun" and "Vazgeçtim."