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Amsterdam FLEMMING 02:52
Paracetamollen FLEMMING 02:51
Automatisch FLEMMING 02:45
Zij Wil Mij FLEMMING 02:36
Terug Bij Af ft. Ronnie Flex FLEMMING, Ronnie Flex 03:06
De Kans FLEMMING 02:30
Doodsbang FLEMMING, Emma Heesters 03:02
Wolken FLEMMING 02:58
Mooiste Meisje FLEMMING 02:59
Plaatje Van Jou FLEMMING 03:11

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Flemming Freddie Viguurs, known mononymously as Flemming, is a Dutch pop singer-songwriter and producer. Born in the city of 'S-Hertogenbosch, he began performing professionally at a very young age, starring in the musicals Ciske de Rat, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat, and Kruimeltje. After featuring on Phrefall’s “Digital Age” (2015), Flemming went on to win the Giels talent show in 2016, garnering considerable media attention as well as an appearance at the renowned Pinkpop festival later that year. In 2019, he independently released his studio debut Black & Grey, which notched up millions of plays on streaming platforms and spawned the singles "Fight for My Love," "Black & Grey," and "Help My Heart." The following year, he helped write the Tungevaag chart-topping hit “Miss You.” In 2021, Flemming released his first-ever Dutch single “Amsterdam” (2021), a Latin-influenced pop number that managed the crack the Top 40 in the Netherlands.